Elevator Classifieds.

I moved to Portland 13 days ago. Saturday night, I was sitting alone in my apartment, really having no idea how to meet people. Solo movie night was not about to happen. After some self-deliberating, I put this in my elevator:

15 minutes later I had my first random Portland friend.  His name is Jack, and he's an awesome dude. He looks like a Ken doll, if Ken doll had a skateboarding Jesus edition. He said he came up because the sign was something he was gonna do too but never did. He wanted to put an iPod playing smooth jams in the elevator, with a sign that said "Brought to you by Jack, room 1508." Pretty impressive idea. Wish I'd thought of that one, but mine kept working nonetheless.

Two couples came by. The guy in the first couple liked Eddie Vedder so thumbs up and the second couple were Lakers fans so we're gonna have to work on that relationship. I'll forgive them someday.

After everybody left, Jack texted me "Yo someone left a note on your sign inviting you to a birthday party"

I excitedly walked out my door to check it out and immediately turned around to catch the door which slammed in my face. I checked the knob. Locked. I checked my pockets for the key. Nope. Fuck. It was late.

After bothering some building staff, they basically said that coming in to unlock my door wasn't worth the money it cost to pay themselves to do it, so Jack took a Blick's art discount card to my door (that's what you get for no Oregonian locations ya bastards). After some fenangaling, it popped open, which was so awesome that we high-fived. As we were high-fiving, the door slammed back into our faces and was still most definitely locked.

We laughed and said "damnit."

Then he carded it open again and the night was pretty much done after I spent some time with Jack and his lady friend, but not like that lady friend. At least I didn't think so, but I totally could have been cockblocking him, so I'll apologize the next time I see him.

After all this, I finally got a chance to look at the note left on my whiteboard. Apparently apartment 1307 is having a birthday party so plans tonight are set.

This city is fun already.

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