photo by @davidericlee
Meditates daily, boxing his thoughts to submission.
Drinks sparingly.  A little wine is fine.
Writes blindly, my favorite way to do anything.
Lived in Spain.  A cruel lover she was.
Throws discs far.

Why blog?  Why not just shut up?
Alright, I'm not that big of an ass. Honestly, I was sitting in my just-movied-into apartment alone on a Saturday night in a city where I knew nobody. I had no idea how to meet people. So, I decided to put a whiteboard sign in the elevator, inviting people to come to my place and save me from my misery. It actually worked. I instantly realized that my newly Portlandian life was bound to be extra awesome and thought "What the hell, let's write about this, shall we?" Simple as that.

Where else don't I shut up?
My grandpa wrote a book about surviving WWII, written in Ukrainian.  I'm translating it.
I write a weekly column at Oregon Sports News, a source for Oregon sporting.
I edit and write some for Windy City Banter, a source for all things Chi.