Exactly What I'm Thinking.

I get up at six to write, when Portland hasn't moved yet.  This tranquility lets my brain lose itself in a fresh story.  I usually write for about half hour, don't read it, and go back the next day to see what my mind came up with.

This morning, no story hit me, so I wrote down every word that came to my mind for thirteen minutes.  Thirteen minutes, because that's where I blanked.

"giraffe, pokemon, antelope, fishfood, leprechaun, dancing nancy, ultimate, baked goods, basking in the sun, Mandee, turtle, fire, hitler, upkeep, written, lobster, fantastic fantastia, rescue, dead, cantelope, artichoke, throat, apple, ding dong, theocules, fingers, backbend, gears, mouse, yes, forgetful, mountain, keliedascope, henry, utah, underwear, butthole, gross, fur coat, invalid, hemroids, gas station, desert, dessert, tree line, avalanche, Hemingway, varnish, xylaphone, breast, upton, uptown, large, venus, heimlich, comma, jut, rut, nut, but, hut, vut?, russian, ukrainian, alphabet soup, reindeer, santa, snow, bro, yo, ho, killer mastadon, hat, frat, minesweeper, bogus, durnakamasha, pope, llightbulb, queer, wee-er, near, fear, deer, locomotive, juniper, deviation, sqander, tybalt, gertrude, missletoe, nail, pop tart, pumpkin, yeller, ol' yeller, zanax, venisin, reptile blood, fungus, yunieski betancourt, grapefruit, lake tahoe, purple people eaters, indigo, quality ham, wet noodle, laughing, domain name, errbady in the club gettin tips, portugal, dog kennel, horseshit, pile, iceberg, 90% underwater, shallow beach, white sand, garbage disposal, apartment, rent. money, windows, great view, Jew, pineapple, gutwrench, iou, soup, poop chute, shoot, gunbarrel, leprecy, leprechaun, upside, gag, just, must, thrust, bust, lust, crust, icabad crane, low, rob lowe, blow, glow, show, know, ho, dro, toe, moe, moes cantina, mexican food, burrito, jalapeno, my sister, twisted sister, blister, applcesauce, beef jerky, pancake mix, george bush, cinimmon pie, hot sauce, korver, three pointers, bulls, fuck the nba, gastrointestinal fluid, lighter fluid, change your oil, car hood, gas station, gas station attendant, glasses, "

Initial thoughts:  
1.  My brain is a kangaroo.
2.  I like rhyming.
3.  I repeat leprechaun.  And both times my mind was in a different place beforehand and afterwards.
4.  Unsurprisingly, things that are going on in life pop up (I'm writing about WWII, the baseball playoffs, I'm hungry, etc).
5.  The letters in the middle of the keyboard influenced me.
6.  Durnakamasha.  I don't know.
7.  Wee-er.  I do know.  This is "one who yells 'weee!'"

I'll use this list to come up with an initial thought of a story.

Even if you don't write, try it out.  I may not have solved the riddle of my personality and complexes, but it's a new insight into my brain.  And brains are way cool.

Also, if you know anything about psychology, and your Minority Report skills can deduce "Damian will someday be a serial killer," at least give me a head start before you call Tom Cruise.

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