One Minute You Are.

I know I haven't posted a lot recently.  I have excuses, some of which may come out in the upcoming posts...  Every time I stop writing, I remember why I write.  Hencethereforthingly, I'm going to keep writing.  Below is a poem (might be the only poem I've ever seriously tried to write, obscene Haikus notwithstanding*) that I wrote before I went on a 10 day meditation trip.  The trip taught me a lot, and I'm not sure I agree with everything I wrote below, but I posted it anyway, because re-reading it got my brain churning.

One minute you're walking,
The next three years, you're kinda not.

One minute you're confident,
Now you reflect on your confident self, puzzled as to his absence.

One minute you're surrounded by friendship,
The next you're surrounded by other people's friendship.

One minute you're in a city you know so well,
The next minute, you're discovering a new one.

One minute you're in love,
The next minute, you're fighting.
The minute thereafter, you're back in love.
Many of these minutes pass, until the love you started with is nowhere to be found.

One minute you're you,
The next minute you're you.
The minute thereafter, you're you.
Then after that, you spend a minute trying to be not you.
The minute after that, you're upset about being you and about not being not you.

You can only add minutes.
Minutes are never taken away.
Life gets more complicated with every minute,
Because you're one minute closer to death without ever really knowing why you're alive.

*Even after attempting a of the word "notwithstanding," I still have no idea if I used it correctly

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